July 2012

Try changing the name of the feature when the feature "forgets" about fields in content types

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Matthias Weiss

There are many reasons why a feature containing the definition of a content type with some fields added will forget about the fields when you install the feature. Maybe just changing the name of the feature might save you time investigating other reasons.

Debugging a remote Drupal site through a SSH tunnel with emacs

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Matthias Weiss

Needing a debugging environment for a remote Drupal site I started out using NetBeans like the most, but dropped it eventually and set up emacs instead.
This blog entry will show you how to get emacs, the geben elisp package, SSH and xdebug to work together in order to debug a remote Drupal site.

The Drupal Webform universe

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Florian Engel

If you are a webform fan (like me) you're probably quite aware of the vast amount of related modules available. But it can be quite confusing HOW MANY modules there are when you get started. Also some of them are duplicates or don't work well.

So here is a list of webform related modules (for Drupal 7) at your service, hand picket and most of them tested.