Releasing Campaignion - one bit at a time

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Florian Engel

Campaignion is our Drupal distribution for online action, campaigning and fundraising. We've been working on Campaignion since Winter 2012 and recently we started releasing parts of it.

This list shows all released parts of the distribution. We will update it until the full release of the distribution.

Parts that have been released

Counters, Progressbars and Thermometers


Recent signers widget

This is currently released on Github and will also be a Drupal module once Campaignion is released. It diesplays a list of supporters who just took action. You can define the number of supporters to show in the list, it's real-time and it can cycle through old supporters if not a lot of "real time" action is happening.

Double-Optin for Webforms

This little Drupal module is used to add double-optin to webforms.

Form tracking

Webform tracking adds a number of interesting data to every form submission. When people take action url parameters are saved and things like country and referrers are recorded.

Payment forms

This module is an extension of the "payment" module and provides donation forms that can pass on data to various payment processors (or manual direct debit).

Select payment method

This module makes it possible to restrict some payment providers to specific scenarios. For an example if you wan to process reocurring donations via direct debit but you allow single donations via credit card "select payment method" will take care of it.

Form steps

If you create forms with multiple steps this module adds a user interface. Users can jump from one step to another.

Form button edit interface

Form builder has a nice interface for form building. This module adds the ability to edit button labels to the form builder interface.

GeoIP Language Redirect

For global campaigns we frequently have different versions of the same action in each country. To make sure people automatically end up on the "local" version this module redirects based on IP addresses. It also handles exceptions such as requests by Facebook or Google.

Login Ticket

With this module you can create "login tickets" and if you send emails to supporters this "ticket" link they can click on it and will be automatically logged in. This is very helpful if you grant supporters permission to access a restricted area or you run something like an action platform where supporters can set up actions.

Auto-Loader (it's technical)

This is a minimalistic, Drupal 8 compatible autoloader for PSR-4. It's more of a helper module really.


Parts that will be released

We are still working on a number of different parts of the system and getting them ready for release. They will evenutally all move to the top list and when this list is empty we will release Campaignion :-)


Campaignion core & CRM

This part will include all Drupal configuration, the profile, a core module and the CRM setup (such as the fields that belong to a CRM contact)

Actions & interface (Petition, Email Protest, Donation, Flexible forms, Action templates)

Actions are at the center of Campaignion. This module (with sub-modules) will allow you to run various online actions, provides the interface that we refer to as "wizard" including form building, etc.

Multi-Form wizard

This module makes it possible to add different Drupal forms (such as node forms, webform configuration, another node form) into one combined form - or wizard with multiple steps. Our action module heavily relies on this multi-form wizard.

Share module

Our share module provides share buttons for actions and other pages. It is fully integrated into Campaignion so that it can track clicks. You can also customize the share messages / preview.

Alternate RedHen activity

We've developed a new activity system built around the RedHen CRM core. It's more flexible, more performant and is very lean (in terms of data it stores).

Public theme

Campaignion will ship with a simple public theme that you can use as a starting point for Campaignion.

Administration theme

The Campaignion administration theme

Administration toolbar

The toolbar that ships with Campaignion

Form tokens

This module allows you to put tokens (sometimes called merge-tags) on thank you pages, in thank you emails and on all other pages where supporters are identified.

Redhen import (from forms)

This module takes data from Drupal webforms and puts it into RedHen CRM (the Campaignion CRM).

Action widgets

You grab a chunk of code for every action and paste it on any website. It will create the action form and will display the elements you have selected to show in the widget.

Webform block

This is just a tiny module that puts webforms in blocks for better positioning options of forms.

Redhen email marketing manager

Using Redhen CRM you can add this module and it will make it possible to manage email marketing subscriptions within Campaignion. From here it's easy to integrate other systems like Mailchimp - all relevant supporter data will be synchronized.

Redhen Contacts interface

We've reworked the Contact interface. It providers filters and bulk operations for easy CRM contact management.